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initial incident support

Our Organization

Our organization is structured to maximize efficiency and expertise in managing emergency responses across diverse functional areas. At the helm, we have a leader overseeing the Fusion Managers, ensuring seamless integration of efforts and strategic oversight. Each geographical region, North and South, is managed by a dedicated Fusion Manager Supervisor who coordinates specific operational tasks and responses pertinent to their area.

Supporting our organizational framework, we have a Training Officer responsible for the continuous professional development of our staff, ensuring that our team is adept with the latest technologies and strategies. Functional leads for Fire Fuels, UAV Operations, and Technology subject matter experts provide specialized knowledge and leadership in their respective fields, enhancing our operational capabilities.

A Consistency Supervisor ensures that all processes and outputs adhere to the highest standards, maintaining uniformity and quality across all operations. This structured approach enables us to provide effective, coordinated emergency response services, leveraging our collective expertise to manage and mitigate risks in any situation.

initial incident support

Our fusion managers

Our Fusion Managers are skilled professionals dedicated to integrating and managing complex data to support decision-making in real-time emergency situations. With expertise in technology, operations, and strategic analysis, they play a pivotal role in coordinating efforts across various agencies and departments. Their leadership ensures that our fusion center operates efficiently, maintaining high standards of safety and preparedness to effectively respond to any crisis.

why choose us


01. FIre Department Leadership position
02. Type 1 Incident Management Team Member
03. CICCS Qualified in Plans and Engine boss
04. technologically competent
05. multitask during multiple large scale incidents
06.commuication skills
07.operate through disciplined initiative
08. through understanding if Incident Command System
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