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The CAL OES FIRIS Fusion Center, part of the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, is a specialized component that specifically focuses on using the Fire Integrated Real-time Intelligence System (FIRIS). FIRIS is a program designed to enhance situational awareness and provide real-time intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance information during wildfires and other major incidents in California.

This system utilizes a combination of piloted aircraft equipped with advanced imaging and data collection technologies to map fires, track their progression, and provide critical information to command centers in real time. The FIRIS Fusion Center serves as a central hub where this data is analyzed and disseminated to support decision-making processes for fire services, emergency managers, and other response teams, helping to optimize resource allocation and tactical planning on the ground. This integration of cutting-edge technology significantly enhances the effectiveness of emergency response efforts across the state.

CA North Fusion CENTER

The North California FIRIS Fusion Center, serving OES Regions 2, 3, and 4, is a comprehensive facility that uses the Fire Integrated Real-time Intelligence System (FIRIS) to address a wide range of emergencies across diverse geographical areas:

  • Region 2 (Central Valley and Sierra Nevada): This region faces significant risks from wildfires, flooding, and hazardous material incidents due to its forested terrain and agricultural activities. It also requires careful monitoring for earthquake-related damages, which can affect its vast infrastructure.

  • Region 3 (North Coast): In this rugged coastal and forested area, the center is crucial for managing wildfires, tsunamis following seismic events, and debris flows, which are common in regions with steep terrains and heavy rainfall.

  • Region 4 (Shasta Cascade): Known for its vulnerability to severe wildfires and winter storms, this region relies on the center for real-time intelligence on these and other hazards like earthquake impacts, which are critical for the remote and mountainous areas.

The center supports these regions by providing essential services in hazard monitoring and emergency response for incidents such as wildfires, hazmat situations, earthquakes, tsunamis, debris flows, and flooding. It also aids in infrastructure assessments and damage inspections following disasters, ensuring a coordinated and effective response to protect lives and property.


The North Fusion Center can be reached at (833) 664-4736

CA South FUSION Center

The South California FIRIS Fusion Center serves OES Regions 1, 5, and 6, utilizing the Fire Integrated Real-time Intelligence System (FIRIS) to enhance emergency responses across these areas:

  • Region 1 (Central Coast): This region is susceptible to a variety of hazards including wildfires, floods, and earthquakes. Its coastal areas also need vigilant monitoring for tsunami risks. The landscape, ranging from coastal to rugged inland areas, presents unique challenges for disaster management.

  • Region 5 (San Joaquin Valley): Known for its agricultural expanses, this region faces threats from wildfires, particularly in its drier, more rural areas, as well as flooding during periods of heavy rainfall. Hazmat incidents related to agricultural industries are also a concern here.

  • Region 6 (Southern): Covering Southern California, including major urban areas like Los Angeles and San Diego, this region deals with a high incidence of wildfires and earthquakes. Urban density also increases the risk and potential impact of hazmat incidents, and the varied topography adds complexity to managing debris flows and floods.

The South California FIRIS Fusion Center plays a crucial role in managing these hazards by providing real-time intelligence for better decision-making during emergencies. This helps in the coordination of resources and enhances the overall response strategies to protect communities in these regions.

The South Fusion Center can be reached at (833) 764-4736

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