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Our mission is to provide intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and awareness for All-Hazard incidents/events for decision support and risk management.

Initial Incident Support LLC

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Initial Incident Support, LLC is an All-Hazard awareness, intelligence, and risk management company designed to provide a decision support tool that provides emergency managers with the critical data and information they need to be situationally aware and make informed decisions to save life, property and the environment.  (IIS) was founded by Mr. Timothy Werle who developed, with the assistance of others, the FIRIS Fusion Center and developed the workflows that the Fusion Center is currently guided by.  From FIRIS inception to current status, Mr. Werle has been involved every step of the way.  

IIS employs 1 Fusion Manager Supervisor, 5 Senior Fusion Managers, and 11 Fusion Managers.  Every Fusion Manager has worked in a leadership position within the Fire/EMS service and has many years experience working with incident management teams throughout the state of California and the country.  Additionally, each Fusion Manager has been filling the role of Fusion Manager while the FIRIS program was being developed and tested.

IIS staff is coordinated by a Fusion Manager Supervisor and has the ability to staff a Senior Fusion Manager and a Fusion Manager to support North and South Fusion Centers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  This staffing model provides oversight and experience for each shift of duty coverage.

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About the ceo

Tim werle

Tim Werle, a seasoned firefighter, incident management specialist, Urban Search and Rescue Technician and paramedic, boasts an impressive career spanning 32 years. As a Fire Captain for the Los Angeles Fire Department, Tim’s leadership has been instrumental in handling critical emergencies.
His expertise extends to serving on Incident Management Teams (IMTs) as an Incident Commander, Plans Chief, Engine Boss, and as a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialist for over a decade, enhancing emergency response through technology.
Tim’s commitment goes beyond the frontlines; he collaborated with San Diego State University on the innovative WIFIRE tool in 2015, aiding wildfire rate prediction and went on to the design of the FIRIS program Fusion Center, advancing California’s emergency response capabilities.
Currently, Tim owns Initial Incident Support, LLC, providing data and intelligence Fusion Centers, ensuring swift information dissemination in critical situations.
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